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Productions At Drama School (RSAMD)


197?:      Medea - Glasgow

197?:      Oedipus - Glasgow

1973:     She Stoops To Conquer - Citizen's Theatre, Glasgow.

1974:     The Midas Touch - Glasgow

As Performer:

(EF) denotes production was performed as part of the Edinburgh Festival/ Festival Fringe.

1971:     The Larry Marshall Show - Perth Theatre.

1975:     Not Now Darling (MIss Scotland) - Perth Theatre.

1975:     The Fiery Cross Of The Clans - Dundee Rep Theatre.

1975:     A Man For All Seasons (Woman) - Dundee Rep Theatre.

1975:     As You Like It (Rosalind) - Dundee Rep Theatre.

1975:     The Wizard Of Oz (Miss Rankspleen/Wicked Witch) - Dundee Rep Theatre.

1976:     Devil's Rock (Senga) - Dundee Rep Theatre.

1970s:    A Propos Of The Falling Sleet (Liza) - The Pool Theatre, Edinburgh.

1976:     The Gay Gorbals (Libby) - Dundee Rep Theatre/Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

1976:     Royal Visit (Jean) - Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh.

1976:     Peer Gynt (Solveig's Mother/Anitra) - Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh.

1976:     The Rose And The Ring (Countess Gruffanuff) - Lyceum Little Theatre, Edinburgh.

1976:     The Anatomist (Mary Patterson) - Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh.

1976:     Five Finger Exercise (Pamela?) - Edinburgh. (EF)

1977:     A Poor Gentleman (Olga Petrovna) - Lyceum Little Theatre, Edinburgh.

1977:     A Provincial Lady (Vassilyevna) - Lyceum Little Theatre, Edinburgh.

1977:     Play Donkey (Beryl) - Lyceum Little Theatre, Edinburgh. (EF)

1977:     Mary (Mary Hamilton) - Lyceum Little Theatre, Edinburgh. (EF)

1977:     Next Time I'll Sing For You (Lizzie) - Lauriston Hall, Edinburgh. (EF)

1977:      Playboy Of The Western World (Margaret Flaherty aka 'Pegeen Mike') - Theatre Royal, Glasgow/Lyceum Little Theatre, Edinburgh.

1977:      Diary Of A Scoundrel (Mashenka) - Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh.

1977:      The Fated Fete (Barbara) - Lyceum Little Theatre, Edinburgh.

1970s:     A Midsummer Night's Dream (Titania) - Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh.

1977:      The Wizard Of Oz (Miss Rankspleen/Wicked Witch) - Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh.

1977/8:   The Cherry Orchard (Varya) - Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh/Theatre Royal, Glasgow.

1978:       As You Like It (Rosalind) - Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh.

1978:       Abreaction (Bernice) - Lyceum Little Theatre, Edinburgh.

1978:       Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead (Ophelia) - Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh.

1978:       The Burning (Woman) - Lyceum Little Theatre, Edinburgh (EF)/ Theatre Royal, Glasgow.

1978:       Edward The Second (Queen Isabella) - Lyceum Little Theatre, Edinburgh (EF)/ Theatre Royal, Glasgow.

1978:       Deacon Brodie (Mrs Clarke) - Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh.

1978/9:    Charley's Aunt (Kitty Verdun) - Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh.

1978/9:    The Widows Of Clyth (Annie) - Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh (EF).

1979:       Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead (Ophelia) - Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh/ His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen.

1979:       The Twelve Pound Look (Lady Sims) - Lyceum Little Theatre, Edinburgh.

1979:       Crime And Punishment (Dunya/ Sonya/ Lizaveta) - Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh.

1979:       The Tempest (Miranda) - Lyceum Little Theatre, Edinburgh.

1980:       Hard To Get (Jess) - Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh.

1981:       Coq Au Leekie - Edinburgh (EF).

1981:       The Merchant Of Venice (Portia) - Gaiety Theatre, Ayr.

198?:        She Would If She Could - Belgrade Theatre, Coventry.

198?:        The Innocents (Miss Giddons) - Belgrade Theatre, Coventry.

1982:       Detective Story (Miss Hatch) - Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester.

1982/3:   The Sleeping Beauty (Weirdo, The Witch) - Gaiety Theatre, Ayr.

1983:       Major Barbara (Major Barbara Undershaft) - Perth Theatre. 

1983:       Daisy Pulls It Off (Miss Gibson - Headmistress) - Globe Theatre, London.

1983:       Lady Chatterley's Lover (Lady Constance Chatterley) - Belgrade Theatre, Coventry.

1984:       Othello (Emillia) Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith.

1985:       Macbeth (Lady Macbeth) - Tron Theatre, Glasgow.

1985:       Macbeth Possessed - Tron Theatre, Glasgow.

1985:       Marie of Scotland (Marie De Guise) - Edinburgh (EF).

1987:       Who's Left? (Trish) - Traverse, Edinburgh/ Tron Theatre, Glasgow.

1987:       Marie Of Scotland (Marie De Guise) - Tron Theatre, Glasgow/ Rothesay Castle, Isle of Bute/ Municipal Theatre, Lanzerote.

1988:       King Lear (Cordelia) - RSC: The Other Place, Stratford-Upon-Avon.

1988:       The Constant Couple (Lady Lurewell) - RSC: Swan Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon.

1988/9:    Macbeth (Lady MacDuff) RSC: Barbican, London/ Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon/ Theatre Royal, Newcastle.

1988/9:   Man Of Mode (Pert) - RSC: Swan Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon/ Barbican Theatre, London/ Gulbenkian Studio, Newcastle.

1988/9:   Dutchman (Lula) - RSC: The Other Place, Stratford-Upon-Avon/ Almeida Theatre, London/ Tron Theatre, Glasgow.

1989:      The Man Who Came To Dinner (Maggie Cutler) - RSC: Barbican Theatre, London.

1989:      Mary And Lizzie (Mary Burns) - RSC: Barbican Theatre, London.

1989:      Marie Of Scotland (Marie De Guise) - Tron Theatre, Glasgow.

1989:      The Secret Rapture (Katherine Glass) - Theatre Royal, Newcastle.

1990:      Jock Tamson's Bairns (Yird) - Tramway Theatre, Glasgow.

1990:      The Taming Of The Shrew (Kate) - Crucible Theatre, Sheffield.

1990:      Tartuffe (Elmire) - Palace Theatre, Watford.

1991:      Ines De Castro (Ines De Castro) - Riverside Studios, Hammersmith.

1993:      What Every Woman Knows (Maggie Wylie) - Edinburgh.

1993:      The Chinese Wolf (Ruby) - Bush Theatre, London.

1994:      Haunted (Mary Burke) - Theatre Royal, Windsor.

1995:      Waiting Room, Germany (Politician's Private Secretary/ Psychiatrist/ Factory Worker/ Engineer) - Royal Court Theatre, London.

1995:      Helen (Helen) - National Theatre, London.

1995:      The Merry Wives Of Windsor (Mistress Margaret Page) - National Theatre, London.

1996:      Ay, Carmela! (Carmela) - Contact Theatre, Manchester.

1996:      Damon And Pythias (Damon) - Shakespeare's Globe, London.

1996/7:   The Three Sisters (Rehearsed Reading) - Tron Theatre, Glasgow/ Theatre Royal Haymarket, London.

1997:      Acting Up: Tales From A Troublesome Trouper (Charlotte Charke) - Citizen's Theatre, Glasgow.

1998:      Othello (Emillia) - National Theatre, London/ World Tour (USA, Poland, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, New Zealand, Australia).

1998:      Othello: The Traveller's Return (Speaker) - National Theatre, London.

1998:      The Second Best Bed (Anne Hathaway) - The Other Place, Stratford-Upon-Avon.

1998:      Candida (Candida) - National Theatre, London.

1999:      The Children's Hour (Martha Dobie) - National Theatre, London.

1999:      Candida (Candida) - Salisbury Playhouse/ Theatre Royal, Plymouth.

1999:      Mother Goose (Dragonara) - King's Theatre, Glasgow.

2000:      The Deep Blue Sea (Hester Collyer) - Nottingham Playhouse.

2000:      Picasso's Women: Francoise - National Theatre, London.

2000:      Oedipus (Jocasta) - The Old Friutmarket, Glasgow.

2000:      Medea (Medea) - Old Friutmarket, Glasgow/ Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh (EF).

2000:      Reading: The Devoted Friend/ The Happy Prince (Reader) - National Theatre, London.

2000:      Oscar Wilde Memorial Service (Reader) - National Theatre, London.

2001:      Medea (Medea) - Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh (EF)/ Glasgow/ Library Theatre, Manchester/ Cyprus.

2001:      Reading: Medea (Medea) - National Theatre, London.

2001/2:  The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe (The White Witch) - RSC: Sadler's Wells Theatre, London.

2002:      Medea (Medea) - India/Canada 

2002:      Small Change (Mrs Driscoll) - Crucible Theatre, Sheffiled.

2003:      The Second Best Bed (Anne Hathaway) - Bull's Head Inn, Inkberrow.

2003:      Richard 111 (Queen Elizabeth) - RSC: Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon/ Theatre Royal, Newcastle.

2003:      Titus Andronicus (Tamora) - RSC: Rose Theatre, London (Preview)/ Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon/ Theatre Royal, Newcastle. 

2003:       A Working Man's Guide To The Arts (Reader) - Rothesay Pavillion, Isle of Bute.

2003:       Come! Let's Sport Us While We May! (Reader) - Swan Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon.

2003:       Did I Mention The Free Wine? - Swan Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon.

2004:       The Skin Of Our Teeth (Maggie Antrobus) - Young Vic Theatre, London.

2004:       The Second Best Bed (Anne Hathaway) - Rose Theatre, London.

2004:       When Eve Ate The Apple (Reader) - Rothesay Pavillion, Isle of Bute.

2004:       National Headlines: Debt (Reader) - National Theatre, London.

2005:       Rebecca (Mrs Danvers) - UK Tour.

2005:       Tell Me The Truth About Love (Reader) - Rothesay Pavillion, Isle of Bute.

2006:       Dribbling, Dabbling And Doodling (Reader) - Rothesay Pavillion, Isle of Bute.

2006-8    Henry V1 Part 11 (Eleanor Cobham, Duchess of Gloucester/ Understudy: Weaver) - RSC: Courtyard Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon/ The Roundhouse, London.

2006:       In Conversation With Johnny And Maureen Beattie - Tron Theatre, Glasgow.

2007/8:    Richard 111 (Duchess of York) - RSC: Courtyard Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon/ The Roundhouse, London.

2007:       The Great Shakespeare Quiz (Team Member) - RSC: Courtyard Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon.

2007/8:    Richard 11 (Duchess of York/ Understudy: Duchess of Gloucester) - RSC: Courtyard Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon/ The Roundhouse, London.

2007/8:    Henry 1V Pt 1 (Mistress Quickly) - RSC: Courtyard Theatre, Startford-Upon-Avon/ The Roundhouse, London.

2007/8:    Henry 1V Pt 2 (Mistress Quickly) - RSC: Courtyard Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon/ The Roundhouse, London.

2007/8:  Henry V (Mistress Quickly/ Understudy: Alice/Queen Isabel) - RSC: Courtyard Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon/ The Roundhouse, Camden.

2009:      Falling (rehearsed reading) - St John's Church, Covent Garden, London.

2009:      Ghosts (Helene Alving) - Citizen's Theatre, Glasgow.

2009:      The Girls Of Slender Means (Greggie) - Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh (EF).

2009:      This Wide Night (Lorraine Hibbens) - Soho Theatre, London.

2010:      The Cherry Orchard (Lorraine Ramsay-MacKay) - Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh.

2010:      A Play, A Pie And A Pint: Federer Versus Murray (Flora) - Oran Mor, Glasgow.

2010:      The Master Builder (Aline Solness) - Minerva Theatre, Chichester.

2011:      27 (Sister Ursula Mary) - Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh.

2011:      Panto & Variety: Scotland's People (Alan Cumming & Friends) - KIng's Theatre, Glasgow.

2012:      27 (Sister Ursula Mary) - Citizen's Theatre, Glasgow/ Cambridge Arts Theatre.

2012:      The List (rehearsed reading) - Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh.

2012:      The Chelsea Belladonna (rehearsed reading) - Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh.

2012:      Enquirer - (Various roles) - Glasgow/ London/ Belfast.

2012:      Johnny Beattie: A Diamond Celebration (Host) - Citizen's Theatre, Glasgow.

2012:      The List - Scottish tour, including Summerhall, Edinburgh (EF).

2012:      A Midsummer Night's Dream (Narrator) - Usher Hall, Edinburgh.

2012:      The Snowman (Narrator) - Scottish Tour.

2013:      No Quarter (Lily) - Royal Court Theatre, London.

2013:      Noises Off (Dotty Otley/Mrs Clackett) - UK Tour.

2013:      Tell Me The Truth About Love (Herself) - Citizen's Theatre, Glasgow,

2013:      Ariel (Reader) - Royal Festival Hall, London.

2013:      The List - Summerhall, Edinburgh (EF), then Scottish tour.

2013:      Muriel Spark: 50 Years On (Reader) - Edinburgh International Book Festival.

2013:      The Carousel (rehearsed reading) - Summerhall, Edinburgh (EF).

2013:      White Rabbit, Red Rabbit (reading) - Summerhall, Edinburgh (EF).

2013:      Dark Road (Isobel McArthur) - Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh.

2014:      Impossible Conversations: The Psychoanalytic Case - Donmar Warehouse, London. 

2014:      Dear Scotland - Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh.

2014:      Shakespeare's Sonnets (Reader) - Royal Festival Hall, London.

2014:      The Carousel - Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh (EF) and Scottish tour.

2014:      Deliverance (rehearsed reading) - Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh (EF). 

2014:      Blabbermouth (Reader) - Assembly Hall, Edinburgh. 

2014:      Gala Variety Show - Gaiety Theatre, Ayr.

2014:      Billy (The Days of Howling) - Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh.

2014:      Right Here, Right Now (Alice) - Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh. 

2015:      Romeo And Juliet (Capulet) - Rose Theatre, Kingston. 

2015:      Yer Granny - Scottish/Irish tour. 

2015:      The List/The Carousel/Deliverance - Dundee Rep/ Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh.

2016:      Right Now (Juliette) - Theatre Royal, Bath/ Bush Theatre, London/ Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh.

2016:     Yerma (Helen) - Young Vic, London.

2017:     The Winter's Tale (Paulina) - Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh.

2017:     Nuclear War - Royal Court Theatre, London.

2017:     De Profundis (Narrator) - The Bowhouse, St Monans, Fife.

2017:     Neaptide (Rehearsed reading) Joyce - National Theatre, London.

2017:     Yerma (Helen) - Young Vic, London

2017:     The Ferryman (Aunt Maggie Far Away) - Gielgud Theatre, London.

2018:     Muriel Spark: Crème De le Crème (Reader) - Usher Hall, Edinburgh.

2018:     Yerma (Helen) - Park Avenue Armory, New York.

2018:     As You Like It (Jaques) - Regent's Park Open Air Theatre, London.

As Director:


1988:     Not About Heroes - The Other Place, Stratford-Upon-Avon.

2004:     Good Things - Scotland Tour.

2005:     Richard 111 (Workshop) - National Theatre, London.

2006:     Perfect Pie - Scotland Tour

2010:     Pericles - Rose Theatre, London (as part of RADA's Classical Theatre Project, undertaken by 2nd year students on the BA in Acting degree course.