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Here is a selection of Maureen's TV and Theatre appearances:

Maureen Discusses Her Role in 'Right Now.' (2016)

'Yer Granny' Photoshoot (2015)

Maureen in 'Romeo And Juliet' (2015)

Shakespeare's Sonnets (2014)

Trailer for 'Noises Off' (2013)

'Deliverance' Trailer

'The Carousel' Trailer

Maureen in 'The List.' (2012)

'The List' Trailer

Discussing The Jennifer Tremblay Trilogy

Discussing The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Power of Attorney Ad Starring Maureen And Dad, Johnny.

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Maureen in '27'

Seasons Greetings from the Chichester Festival Theatre (2010) - Maureen's contribution is 3 mins 13 secs into the video!

This Wide Night (2009)

Maureen Being Interviewed on 'Seven Days' (BBC Scotland) - feature begins 17 mins in!